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Our Lash Coating Sealant is great for lash artist AND CLIENTS! 

Our lash sealant maximizes your client's retention x1000! Our lash sealant can be used on the base of your lashes to protect your luxurious lash set from dirt buildup, sweat and oil buildup. 

How To Use:

For Customers: After washing & drying your lashes daily at home. apply a thin layer of our lash coating sealant to the base of your lash extensions daily. This will help with retention and be a protective barrier to your lash extensions with no doubt! 

For Lash Artist: After you've finished your clients lash set, apply bonder and let it dry. Afterwards, take a micro swab (make sure you do not cross contaminate) and dip it once inside of the lash sealant. Next, dab the base only, of your client's lash extensions with the sealant. 

Failure to follow all instructions regarding SheIsLashed Adhesives can possibly effect your retention. Retention is dependent upon: correct temperature and humidity levels, proper lash tech application, and proper aftercare. 

SheIsLashed recommends that all liquids be patch tested before use on your clients.

All liquids are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

For professional use only. 

Returns and Exchanges: 

We take pride in making sure you love our products! We believe that all customers should be completely satisfied with their items. Email us at about returns. Returns on defected items can be made within 5 days from the day you've received your items and it states “Delivered."

Note: Each collection for products have different policies and/or requirements. 

Please refer to our Terms And Conditions at the bottom of our website for more information.