Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginner Tech...

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When I started off as a lash tech, nobody ever said to me "It starts off slow..." Of course when you begin, you're expecting things to move QUICK. I'm here to say... that doesn't work for everyone.

Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginner Tech:

1. You won't see change over night

You're a beginner tech! You can't expect to be booked with clientele over night. That's not realistic. Promote yourself through social media and word of mouth. The more work you put in, the more results you'll see. Hand out business cards while you're in public settings. I was expecting to be booked within a month because I honestly thought I knew what I was doing. "Lol" to that. I had no guidance when promoting my business. I just posted every day on instagram and my family, friends and I spread through word of mouth. TikTok wasn't a thing. Snapchat was still "popular" so that's all I had besides instagram. Now that there is more exposure with social media and the World we're in now, take advantage of all social media platforms. Promote your brand in public settings and make sure those business cards are with you!

2. You must PRACTICE daily to improve your work

Without practice, you'll be stuck at where you started. 

- It's normal to compare yourself in the beginning

- Set goals for yourself each month 

- Practice on a live person because mannequin practice is completely different

- Don't rush to do what the next person is doing 

- Don't rush moving into a suite unless you have to. (I was lashing at home until I knew I could afford a suite.)

3. It's unprofessional to run out of lash lengths/curls

I believe it is unprofessional to run out of lash lengths and curls. You never know what a client might come in expecting to get during their lash service. Running out happens but it shouldn't be occasional!  To avoid that, contact the client before they arrive to keep them up to date. I definitely wish someone told me this.

4. Save your money

I wasn't bad at saving my money when I started but I do wish I saved more than I did. I did have proper guidance when it came to the money I made from lashing but some don't. I'm here to say this: DON'T SPEND EVERY DIME YOU MAKE $

You never know when you'll need emergency money! Rainy day funds are vital to have. It's okay to have self care days and treat yourself to nice things but don't go overboard with unnecessary spending.

It's super easy to lose track of your spending and the expenses for your business. Focus on your expenses and save a percentage of your income and put it into a business savings account. Do research beforehand to know what bank you'd like to open your account with. Also, write down everything you spend in regard to your business. It'll help a lot when it comes time to file taxes. A budgeting spreadsheet can help as well. If you're interested in a financial advisor, do research and consultation calls before moving forward with the advisor. Check out this awesome financial advisor located in the DC Area at

5. Having lash sales every month isn't always a good thing

People get comfortable. I learned early that having a sale every single month isn't good. Why? Because that's all your clientele will expect from you. "Oh I'm only booking when she has a sale." is the mindset the client will have. They'll always be anticipating that sale and you'll never see your true numbers when it comes to lash income. Sales are ok BUT, only do them if it's a holiday, birthday, or you are in dire need of clientele that month. 

My recommendation would be to offer loyalty cards instead of doing so many sales. Every 5th visit they can receive an amount off of your choice and every 10th visit an amount of your choice.

I truly hoped this helped! Leave a review or comment and we can chat. 

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